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Why I choose to use oil colours for my original paintings

oil colours that I use for my original oil paintings
Some of the oil colours from my collection that I use for my original paintings

Feel and Versatility of oil colours in art

I am drawn to the feel of oil colours on a fine linen or polycotton canvas. It's like spreading a generous amount of butter on toast... Yum! Oil paints stay workable for extended periods, depending on the medium used, allowing me to return to my painting over several days. This flexibility is ideal for my artistic process, which involves thorough blending for soft, bokeh backgrounds and intricate details that demand significant time and attention. Oil painting truly lines up with my creative vision and offers a medium that feels like a dream to work with.

image of tactical gaze my lion painting with me
"Tactical Gaze" one of my original painting with me

Depth and Luminosity in original paintings

One of the most captivating aspects of oil painting is its ability to achieve depth and luminosity through layering techniques as used by the Old European Masters. Each of my original artworks consists of multiple layers of various colours. When light interacts with these layers, it creates optical illusions of new hues and subtle shifts in colour depth, depending on the viewing angle and the direction of the light. This dynamic interplay of light and pigment adds a dimensional richness to my paintings that I find greatly satisfying. Moreover, when natural light hits the surface of my paintings, it reflects through the layers of colour, exposing a luminous quality that brings my subjects to life with a dramatic realism. 

(Please note that I am referring here to the reflected natural light that bounces off the walls and floors of the location. Preference should be given to placing the artwork such that direct sunlight never hits the painting whenever possible.)

image of nurturing mother original oil painting in bedroom setting
"Nurturing Mother" original oil painting displayed in a bedroom setting - great example of keeping original art away from direct sunlight

Quality & Longevity in return for your investment in my original art

Realism is my artistic style and my goal is to breathe life into the subjects depicted on canvas. Achieving this level of realism involves painstakingly applying layer after layer of translucent oil colours, a process that spans weeks or even months. The precise skill that goes into each piece features its value as a lasting investment. By using high-quality oil colours, I ensure that my original paintings offer durability and longevity, promising to last for generations to come. 

seeking professional help with art selection when in doubt

In conclusion, my choice to work with oil colours is embedded in its feel & ability to be rendered in fine details over several days, capacity to create depth and luminosity, and ability to create original artworks that last centuries and provides a true value to my collectors in return for their investment.

Want a custom made painting?

If you would like a similar wildlife or nature painting in a different size, colours etc, please feel free to use the below link to contact me. I would love to hear from you.


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