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Noisy Neighbours - Original Painting

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Noisy Neighbours is an exceptional oil painting capturing the essence of Australia's native bird, the Galah. This stunning artwork portrays a unique moment of interest as the Galah watches adorable Corella bird babies crying out for food. In this original painting, the Galah stands tall, its vibrant pink plumage contrasting against the lush greenery of the gum tree. I've carefully depicted the Galah's expression, conveying its curiosity and slight irritation towards the energetic Corella chicks.

A captivating scene unfolds as a diligent Corella parent tenderly feeds its hungry baby perched on a nearby branch. My attention to detail brings this heartwarming moment to life, showcasing the intricate patterns on the birds' feathers and the play of light and shadows within the natural setting.

This remarkable artwork measuring 1530mm x 930mm is not only a visual delight but also a celebration of Australian wildlife and the interactions that occur in their natural habitats. It reflects my passion for capturing the beauty and authenticity of these avian creatures in their true essence.

If you're searching for art for sale by an artist who can transport you to the vibrant landscapes of Australia, my original painting is the perfect choice. Its vivid colours and engaging narrative make it a remarkable addition to any art collection or a striking focal point in your home or office. Don't miss the opportunity to own this captivating artwork.


1500 x 900 x 35mm


Polycotton canvas with MDF backing


Williamsburd, Old Holland, Michael Harding & Langridge oil colours


Framed | Ready to hang

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Noisy Neighbours original painting by Swapnil Nevgi Fine Art shown in home setting


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