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Nurturing Mother - Original Painting

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Earlier this year I had been to Stanthorpe for the Art Prize inauguration and stayed there for a couple of days to explore and collect references for my art and photographic projects. I love collecting photographic references in the golden hour, so I started early morning. Locals were kind enough to direct me towards a gorgeous area in Stanthorpe near the iconic Red Bridge. As I was scouting the area, I saw something move. There was this tiny duckling walking towards the water stream. Out of concern I looked around and was relieved to see mother duck close by. So, I hid myself in the bushes with my camera and waited for those two to come in the beautiful morning light. I knew I was going to get some great reference photos. To my surprise, out of nowhere 8 other ducklings followed. It was an absolute jackpot!! I managed to get hundreds of great reference photos that morning. However, it didn’t take too long for mother duck to feel my presence. So, I carefully moved away without disturbing their beautiful morning any further.

My final painting “Nurturing Mother” is a harmonious composition I created from imagination as I experienced it when I was there rendered realistically with the help of photographic references I collected.

This art is on a stretched linen canvas and is framed in high quality black colour satin finish float frame and is ready to hang. Sides of the painting are painted as a continuation of the painting.


1520 x 760 x 38mm


CreateArt Artist Quality Linen Canvas


Langridge + Williamsburg + Michael Harding + Old Holland oil colours


Framed in float frame | Ready to hang

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